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  • Daytona Beach Prepares to Host Shriners in 2018

    Daytona Beach Prepares to Host Shriners in 2018

  • Daytona wins bid to host Shriners in 2018

    Daytona wins bid to host Shriners in 2018

  • Shriners Pick Daytona Beach For 2018 Convention

    Shriners Pick Daytona Beach For 2018 Convention

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3DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Daytona Beach has landed the 2018 Shriners convention. It's expected the event will draw roughly 20,000 to Volusia County. "Just wish is was next year instead of five years from now, but we can build on this in the interim by attracting other conventions," said Daytona Beach Mayor Glenn Ritchey. The city made a proposal that won over the Shriners including an expanded convention center for their use and three beachfront hotels. Orlando businessman Gary Bergenske will lead the Shriners in 2018 and vocally promoted Daytona Beach to his colleagues. Bergenske and his family have vacationed in the area for years. "I think the small-town atmosphere really attracted us and I think more than anything the passion of the people in their wanting it to be here," he said. The Shriners weeklong stay is expected to create an estimated $8 million economic boost.

The selection still has to be ratified by the entire membership.

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Daytona Beach Area

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Shriner Events

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  • Fun Night
  • Ladies Luncheon

The Imperial Sirs Shriners Fun Night will take place in the Daytona Beach, Florida Bandshell located directly on the ocean. Shriners bands will be invited to entertain the representatives and guests in this open air historic auditorium.

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The Representatives ladies luncheon honoring Imperial lady Anne Bergenske will be held at the Hilton Ocean Front Hotel. You will enjoy a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean and boardwalk area from this area of the Hilton. This is sure to be a wonderful luncheon.

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