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Family Activities

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Make “Destination Daytona” a family vacation. Bring your kids, grand kids, nieces and nephews. Heck, bring the neighbor’s along as well.

Fortunately for you, the 2018 Convention will be back in Sunny Daytona Beach, a world-renowned vacation destination and we are lining up great activities to keep your family entertained and engaged. This trip can double as your family vacation!

Below is a listing of just a few of the events/activities you can find in the Daytona Beach Area. These activities are not sponsored or endorsed by the Imperial Committee. We are just providing a list of a few of the favorites in the area. Please contact them directly to schedule your trips or activities.

Many activities are being coordinated within the Hotels that are hotel specific (don’t let the kids miss out)

And if for no other reason, just be lazy and enjoy our beautiful beaches !!!