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Ocean Center Info


The Ocean Center is a favorite among meeting planners, especially since its ambitious expansion in 2009. More than 100 events are scheduled this year, with events ranging from association meetings, competitive arts to sporting events. Among them have been Showbiz Talent, Fire Rescue East, National Cheerleading Association and many more. Future events include the Rejuvenate 2013 Marketplace and the 2017 Imperial Session of Shriner’s International.

Today’s Ocean Center

The Ocean Center is a versatile, state-of-the-art, multipurpose convention center and entertainment complex. Following an $82-million expansion, the Ocean Center has more than 200,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor exhibit and meeting space and 32 breakout rooms. In addition to its extraordinary design and features, the Ocean Center offers expansive outdoor space and soon will be enhanced by a dynamic entertainment zone welcoming Ocean Center patrons. The area’s great weather and magnificent beaches make the welcome even warmer.